Sustainable Products

Sustainable Products


Having an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to a numerous health issues. Making healthy choices is not a requirement but a choice and necessity. The importance of maintaining  health and fitness has increased more than ever now. Eating healthy and practicing regular exercise improves your immunity, improves your mental health and improves your confidence level. Not just that, research conducted by Comprehensive Physiology found out that lack of exercise can lead to the cause of 35 chronic/deadly diseases including obesity and premature death. Despite being an  important part of our daily life, people tend to ignore heavy workouts because of the time consumption and consistency they require to see a change. However, there are numerous brands that can offer great products, affordability and fast delivery of portable health and fitness equipment which can be use at the convenience of your home and  you can take with you, everywhere you go. One of this eco friendly focused brands is Amisity Ltd.

Amisity has the right products to help you attain a healthy lifestyle. Amisity offers portable exercising equipment to help you manage your exercising routine with your busy schedule. What makes them different is that they offer a wide variety of products and home workout equipment which are good quality, affordable, free deliveries, excellent customer service  and environmentally focused.

Why Amisity?

Where the world is realizing the importance of preservation, sustainability, and eco-friendly products, Amisity is one of the leading brands with the main focus is being a sustainable provider. Promoting a healthy lifestyle as well as caring for the Earth's environment is what our company aims for. We have a variety of different products that will help you build a healthy lifestyle. Our health and fitness products include a back posture corrector for men and women, skipping rope with counter, fabric resistance bands, yoga apparel, and our main product, Eco-friendly yoga mats.

ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS – Making a difference

Social and Environmental responsibility is something our brands are lacking even in 2021. Here are the features of our products that will prove to be a value addition for you!

Yoga Mats

Our Eco-friendly yoga mats are non-slip, waterproof, no rubber and toxic-free. They come with a premium Eco -friendly canvas bag and a carrying strap, making them portable, easy to store and recyclable. Because of its non-slip and waterproof design, you can perform your yoga stances without the fear of dislocating a joint by slipping. One of the bast Eco- Friendly mats on the market at the moment.

Skipping Ropes

Jumping ropes help you burn more calories than normal running and jogging. Skipping ropes can improve the health of your heart, oxygen level in your lungs, lose weight and improves circulation of the blood in your body. With our digital skipping ropes that have a built-in laps counter and led display, you can keep track of your skips. Our jumping ropes equipment has smooth and textured handles and also non-slip design. The skipping ropes can be used in fitness training, boxing and fun activities.

Fitness Apparels

Our range of high-quality cotton apparel has printed slogans of health and fitness which complements our health and fitness products. We offer a wide range of t-shirts and sports bras to provide you with a comfortable experience during your workouts. 100 % cotton apparel and non-wired sports bras for every occasion.

Resistance Bands

We offer long and short fabric resistance bands, you can perform full body workout with them. You can train your arms, back, abs, chest, legs, glutes and every part of your body. The product is made  of high-quality cotton-polyester and organic latex stretch material. The fabric is soft and non-slip on the body. Doesn’t scratch or harm the skin, durable and can last forever. Light and portable with 3 resistance levels.

Posture Corrector

Long hours of sitting in one position or in front of the computer, can affect your posture badly. After long research, tests and many samples of different products we have carefully tried and selected the right back posture corrector for our customers.  Our back posture corrector is made of neoprene, breathable with adjustable lower and upper straps, so it can offer easy adjustments according to our consumers needs. The product is unisex and suitable for man and women. With it’s soft and comfortable design, you can wear it under a shirt or over it.  We also offer 6 months warranty on this product. In case you feel any discomfort or not happy with the product, contact us immediately & we will resolve your issue.

Amisity – Reshaping the Future

Amisity will also launch a new 100% completely recyclable, biodegradable and handmade product in the near future. This is the hemp yoga mats, made in Nepal by the local community. This business venture will provide jobs for local communities and improves local lives. We are also experimenting how improve our packaging and reduce waste as much as we can in order to further help build a clean environment and create less pollution. Our fitness range will also see some additions in the future.

Impeccable Customer Service and Quick Delivery

At Amisity, we aim to provide great customer service, affordable prices, fast and free deliveries to our users and minimize negative environmental impact by using the right products in ethical way. Combining traditional health and fitness products with technology makes our products more amusing and easier to use.

Expansion Plans

We are currently operating in UK and Bulgaria. We have plans to further expand our business in the rest of Europe and USA in the near future. We’ve also started a collaborating with varies wellness retreat companies that has bases in Europe, North Africa and in the UK to promote the importance of health and wellness.

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