Eco Friendly Cotton Yoga Mat Bag, Handmade Yoga Bag, Hippy Eco Friendly Yoga Bag, Yoga Mat Bag UK with Strings -Green Colour (Bag only)

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Eco Friendly Cotton Yoga Mat Bag, 100% Handmade, Natural and Biodegradable, Machine Washable, Multipurpose Yoga Mat Bag, UK (Just a Bag) 

The Yoga Mat Bag is made from Organic cotton. The bag doesn't have a smell and it can be used for multipurpose activities due to it's size.

The yoga mat bag is sold individual without a mat (just Bag) size 85cm x 25 cm, with a phone pocket on the outside and wooden button.

If you need a mat as well, check our store for more info. We sell the mats and the bag together as well.

It can be washed in the washing machine in 30-40 degrees and by hand.

We also do bulk customized orders if required.

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