Eco Friendly Yoga Mat UK, Eco Pilate Mat, Pilate Mat, Fitness Mat, Exercise Mat, Meditation Mat, Home Workout Mat,including Hamsa Hand Bracelet Gift

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Amisity Yoga Mats are created from environmentally friendly TPE and contain no plastic, PVC, latex or toxic and harmful materials. Soft to touch but very comfortable for Yoga practice ( The perfect thickness and comfort). Amazing Quality and it is including a premium Yoga Bag, strap and a beautiful Hamsa Hand Bracelet (Evil Eye Protection) in rose gold or silver plated version. Please add a note which of the 2 bracelets do you prefer at the time of purchase.

Each mat is dual layered with vibrant colors for comfort and endurance. The non-slip texture and easy to clean waterproof design ensures safety and longevity.

The material is thermoplastic elastomer- TPE. This material is environmental and user friendly, hypoallergenic and skin friendly. And there is still a natural oxidation benefit, can be recycled, avoid pollution, good elasticity, strong resistance. Do not worry about using our yoga mats.

The bracelets are made of brass and are platinum and Rose/ Gold plated with an extender which can be adjusted to the desired size. Beautify packed.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities. Size: 183cm x 61cm x 0.6cm./ 1.1 kg